About EE Journal

Founded over 15 years ago as the first fully digital electronics engineering publication, EE Journal boasts a team of editors and staff who are dedicated to the creation of high-quality, independent, and objective content.

Meet Our Team

Before founding Techfocus Media in 2003, KEVIN MORRIS had over 25 years experience in electronic engineering and electronic design automation engineering and marketing. Kevin is an industry-recognized expert in FPGA technology and in logic and high-level synthesis. He is also a private pilot, plays the ukulele, and often works remotely from the helm of a Nordic Tug. Kevin is president and founder of Techfocus Media and editor-in-chief of EE Journal, where he writes a weekly feature article.

LAURA DOMELA co-founded Techfocus Media in 2003. She has an art degree and many years of experience as painter, photographer, and designer. Laura’s the one mainly responsible for the look and feel of the Techfocus Media publications. A passionate cook, she also loves being on the water and spends her summers leading small groups of boats up the Inside Passage to Alaska and back.

AMELIA DALTON is Techfocus Media’s “Jill of all Trades.” She steers operations with ease, slices and dices the news each week, interviews the biggest EE dignitaries for our Fish Fry podcast series, and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat for EE Journal’s extremely popular Chalk Talk webcast series. Amelia was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Before joining Techfocus Media, Amelia studied the fine art of watch repair and dabbled in theater and film. Amelia enjoys pinball, cemeteries, and watching basketball…a LOT of basketball.

LARRA MORRIS handles @EEJournalTFM’s Social Media presence & does Chalk Talk post-production #startedin2013 #bio

CLIVE “MAX” MAXFIELD is widely regarded as an expert in all aspects of electronics (at least by his mother). Over the years, Max has designed and built everything from silicon chips to circuit boards, and from brainwave amplifiers to Inamorata Prognostication Engines (don’t ask). His current interests include the combination of embedded systems with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and mixed realities. Max’s Cool Beans Blog is the ideal place to spend a few minutes decompressing whilst perusing nuggets of knowledge and pondering tidbits of trivia.

STEVE LEIBSON started his career as a system design engineer at HP in the early days of desktop computing, then switched to EDA at Cadnetix, and subsequently became a technical editor for EDN Magazine. He’s served as Editor in Chief of EDN Magazine and Microprocessor Report and was the founding editor of Wind River’s Embedded Developers Journal. He has extensive design and marketing experience in computing, microprocessors, microcontrollers, embedded systems design, design IP, EDA, and programmable logic.

As one might expect, Copy Editor SHIRLEY RICE’s first degree was in English, but (as one might not expect) she often sends the editors into a tizzy when, in addition to moving the commas around to the right places, she also corrects the technical content. This is because she secretly also has a Master’s degree in math, and she spent over 15 years teaching computer science. Haha! Take that, editors! Now, no fair trying to sneak the word “optimal” in to describe a solution to an NP-complete problem. Her other hidden talents include being a private pilot, playing the piano, and singing. In fact, she once sang on the Ed Sullivan show – an accomplishment that is quite impressive to the editors who are young enough to know who Ed Sullivan is.

Editor Emeritus JIM TURLEY is a professional nerd. He used to have a real job as a hardware engineer, eventually progressing to engineering manager, marketing vice president, and then (inexplicably) president/CEO of a microprocessor company. He now writes weekly installments of nerd porn for Techfocus Media, with an emphasis on embedded systems, microprocessors, and computer technology. He’s also the author of seven books, a competitive race car driver, and a fan of 80s hair metal bands. He has an accomplished and stunningly attractive wife, two overachieving children, and an opossum living under the house.

Based in England, Editor Emeritus DICK SELWOOD provides a European perspective across the entire Techfocus portfolio. He has been working around computer and electronics technology since the early 1970s, when he was one of the first users of ARPANET, and he is fascinated by the interface between people and technology and technology influencing people. In real life he is an historian, having completed both a BA and an MA while working with Techfocus Media. He doesn’t own an e-reader and will one day be found buried under an avalanche of books.